Do You Know How You Would React If Faced With a Dangerous Situation?

Armed professionals whether they be military, law enforcement, or Concealed Carry Holders, must be able to perform under high stress conditions.  History has shows that traditional firearms qualification training alone is insufficient to prepare individuals to perform under the stress of deadly force encounters. 

Judgmental training scenarios develop decision making and incorporate the latest in firearms training technology with multiple outcomes in each scenario that can either escalate or de-escalate the situation based on the individuals decisions.

Woman drawing firearm in home invasion simulation

The World Can Be a Scary Place.
Be Prepared with Virtual Firearms Training.

LaserPrecision Marksmanship Club Uses Weapons Outfitted with Infrared Lasers to Shoot at a High Definition Video Screen

Our team of former military, law enforcement, and civilian trainers will help guide you step-by-step on building your skills and growing your confidence in your ability to protect yourself and the ones you love.

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The Navy Seals have a saying:

"You Don't Rise to the Occasion,
You Fall to the Level of Your Training."

It’s time to take your training to the next level and train with the same equipment the police, military, and federal agencies use.

State-of-the-Art Cameras & Technology

Utilizing military grade cameras and infrared laser tracking systems

Used in Large-Scale Military Training Simulators

Train to the same caliber as military, police & first responders do across the country

Incredibly Precise Tracking & Shooting

Tracks and records the shot placement, providing an unparalleled level of accuracy

Real & Simulated Weapons with Laser Inserts

These weapons include popular brands such as Glock, Taurus and Sig Sauer.

Full Function, No Live Ammo

All the same training, none of the same risks or costs associated with live ammo

Zero Latency Hand-Eye Coordination

Create unforgettable hand-eye coordination and muscle memory by shooting 1000+ rounds per hour

How to Get Started at LaserPrecision Marksmanship Club:

Book a Practice, Recreation Session, or a Scheduled Class

Show Up & Improve Your Skills

Have Fun and Save Money on Ammo While You Shoot in a Safe, Realistic Environment

Stop Wondering If You Have What It Takes

Training is the only way to build the muscle memory you need, so you don’t need to think in the heat of the moment. You can act.

Don't freeze under pressure

Don't unintentionally hurt someone

Don't lose the peace of mind of owning a gun


Learn to Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Community

Most people choose to own a firearm for self defense. Make sure you get the training you need so you and your family thrive.

Recognize and react in a defensive situation

Improve your shooting skills while saving money on ammunition

Build your confidence in yourself and your capabilities

Have the peace of mind that gun ownership brings

Frequently Asked Questions

LaserPrecision Marksmanship Club is a Firearms Simulator that utilizes military grade laser technology, allowing you to train in the most realistic and practical scenarios without any live fire.

It is used for Training, Practice and Entertainment and provides a fun, safe and judgement-free environment for both novice and expert shooters without spending any money on expensive and hard to find ammunition.

The shooters face a 12’x7′ high-definition screen and use real and simulated weapons outfitted with lasers, to shoot an infrared laser at a video screen. State of the art cameras and technology, utilized in large-scale military training simulators, then track and record the shot placement, providing an unparalleled level of accuracy. These weapons include popular brands such as Glock, Taurus and Sig Sauer, and instill unforgettable muscle memory.

LaserPrecision Marksmanship Club completely supports the 2nd amendment and the right to carry a firearm. 

Many of our customers come to LaserPrecision Marksmanship Club WITH their firearm because they conceal carry every day. Although we do NOT allow any firearms, weapons, or live ammunition in our Simulator rooms, we DO provide lockers so you can safely keep your weapon on the premises with you. 

Our goal is simply to eliminate any confusion between a live firearm and a simulated gun while utilizing our training simulators.

Since 2007, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) has been using simulation technology to teach basic marksmanship and shooting skills. A large-scale study conducted by FLETC found almost no difference in the shooting scores of students who were trained exclusively in a laser simulator versus those trained in a live fire shooting range. 

In addition to the potential cost savings, the study found that laser handgun training offered several instructional advantages and provided a safer learning environment than traditional live fire training.

No. This is the perfect introduction to anyone wanting to learn proper use of a firearm. Many parents are worried about exposing kids to a loud firing range or the safety aspect of teaching them. At LaserPrecision Marksmanship, since no live fire is ever used, it is the perfect way to learn. There are several games specifically designed for kids to help them learn. 

Shooters under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

We encourage you to reserve a spot ahead of time on our calendar as each reservation time includes an instructor to help run the simulations and programs. You can reserve time using our online reservation tool.

Yes. We allow outside food and beverages. Because there is No Live Fire Ammunition, Food and beverages are always welcome. Please contact us ahead of time if any special arrangements are needed.

We allow cancellations up to 24 hours before the start of your reservation for a full refund. The 15% First Responder discount cannot be applied to already discounted Package Pricing. Only one discount will be applied at any time.

Yes! Simply click the button below and complete the form and you can buy a gift card for yourself or a friend.

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