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If you are an Independent Firearms Instructor and would like to utilize our facility, please contact us for more information. Click here to go to our Contact Page.

Firearms Simulator Instructor


LaserPrecision Marksmanship Club

1125 E Brookside Ave Suite C02

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC)

Conveniently located in the Historic North Massachusetts Ave corridor in the heart of historic neighborhoods and housed in the 540,000 square foot historic Schwitzer manufacturing facility, the CCIC is a unique community of artists and businesses located at the gateway of Indianapolis’ thriving near east side.


LaserPrecision Marksmanship Club is a Firearms Simulator that utilizes cutting edge Laser Shot technology allowing you to train in the most realistic and practical scenarios, without any live fire.

It provides a fun, safe and judgement-free environment for both novice and expert shooters without spending any money on expensive and hard to find ammunition.

LaserPrecision Marksmanship Club uses real weapons outfitted with infrared lasers to shoot at a high definition video screen. State of the art cameras and technology, utilized in large-scale military training simulators, then track and record the shot placement, providing an unparalleled level of accuracy. 

These weapons are the same form, fit and function of popular brands such as Glock and Sig Sauer, and install unforgettable hand-eye coordination and muscle memory.

As a Simulator Instructor, you will be responsible for the guests Training, Practice and Entertainment in our unique environment. 

Who Should Apply?

  1. You are an existing or former instructor with students looking for unique training opportunities. Together we work to fill up your classes. You provide the training and curriculum; we provide the location and technology and have a revenue split for the classes you teach. You can offer and teach as many classes as you like.

  2. You have a background in firearms, law enforcement, military, training, etc. and are looking to work in a unique and fun environment each week. We work on a reservation system and need instructors to be able to fill each guest reservation as they are booked.

  3. You have the required background as listed above, and the entrepreneurial attitude to help us contact and create bookings with local schools, churches, police departments and organizations looking to utilize our judgmental training scenarios. This is a revenue split based on each organization and their booking.

Job Responsibilities

  • Check-in guests before their reservation
  • Perform guest orientation with both software and simulated guns
  • Operate simulator technology for guests
  • Provide education and support to guests as needed
  • Teach traditional and firearms simulator safety rules
  • Have a willingness for continuous learning
  • Travel to other locations within the region, and setup simulator and equipment for remote classes


  • State and region-specific gun and training licenses and/or certifications.
  • One year or more NRA or USCCA certification and instruction experience.
  • Great customer-service skills and an engaging and encouraging personality.
  • Ability to utilize technology including but not limited to computers, software programs, digital projector, projection screen, digital camera, passport photo printer, and training weapons.
  • Thorough knowledge of firearms and safety standards.
  • Law enforcement, military, or significant firearms training experience required.
  • Skills in advanced firearms and tactical training, tactical medical and/or non-lethal defense instruction preferred.


  • $20/hr. for each supervised session
  • Part-time, flexible schedule
  • Highly competitive wage with performance incentives
  • Affiliate income opportunities.
  • Travel opportunities
  • Growth opportunities

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