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Take Your Skills to the Next Level with LaserPrecision Marksmanship Club Shooting Leagues!

Looking to have fun and meet new people with similar interests? Join one of our Practical Shooting Leagues where you can compete and win prizes all while having a blast! 

Teams of 4 will come each week to log their scores and compete against other teams for the Top Shot. Put your team together and come up with a fun name. If you need help we can find you a spot.

If you are interested in joining a league, complete our contact form and let us know. Click here to go to our Contact Page.

"Top Shot is an amazing firearms simulation system for the entire family, military or law enforcement professionals. This system is also a great team building & team/league competition series."

Lawrence J. Powers

Lieutenant Colonel
US Army, Retired

Why Join a Shooting League?

Practical Shooting courses are where the world’s elite shooting competitors put their mental focus, speed, and accuracy to the test in global leagues like the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). 

We simulate the ACTUAL competition courses, complete with responsive shoot and no-shoot cardboard and steel targets. Teams are scored on a combination of Time & Accuracy. 

Now you can experience the challenge of a professional shooting competition in the comfort of an indoor environment, avoiding range fees, ammunition and target costs, bad weather, and long travel times.

If you are interested in joining a league, complete our contact form and let us know. Click here to go to our Contact Page.

Additional Information

  • Leagues will shoot 4 weeks at the Top Shot Training Facility
    • Week 1 — Monday July 12th - Sunday July 18th
    • Week 2  — Monday July 19th - Sunday July 18th
    • Week 3 — Monday July 26th - Sunday Aug 1st
    • Week 4 — Monday Aug 2nd - Sunday Aug 8th
    • Social Party / Team Results / Prizes — Food / Beverages / Prizes for Top Teams & Individual Shooters
    • Each Team will require:
      • Team Name
      • Four identified members by name
      • League fee of $150 per person / $600 per team

  • Competition will use 4 different Practical Shooting Courses for each week
    • Week 1 — Alpha 2
    • Week 2 — Delta 5
    • Week 3 — Echo 1
    • Week 4 —Delta 4

  • Teams can book time and run their course for official scores each week
    • Teams are required to shoot with their entire team for official scores to count
    • Teams are responsible for booking their shooting times within the week
    • All times will be reserved through the website and each team will be given a discount code so they will not be charged during booking

  • Practice runs are allowed prior to your officially scored run
    • Teams will be allowed unlimited practice runs prior to official scored run
    • Each shooter must declare prior to shooting which run will be their official run for the competition
    • Top Shot Instructor will record the scoring runs to be included in the competition

  • Total team scores will determine the winning criteria for each Team's 4 shooters
    • Scoring will be based on the Internal Practical Shooting Confederations (IPSC)
    • If a team only has 3 shooters with recorded scores, the lowest score from another team member will be allowed to be included
    • If a team only has 2 shooters with recorded scores they will be disqualified for that competition

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